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to parkingmeter

i know youve read this. i just wanted to say hi to you in my blog :)
all the friendly loves xxx


today i whent to my friend shauns house, it was fun. we watched "21 jump street", "Jackass 3D" and the beggining part of "scary movie 2". we had pizza and chilled, it was loads of fun :)
also, pre-release for Gatecrash (magic the gathering) is two weeks today, so im really excited to go and play against other nerds (besides the ones in my family) and it will be my first time back since 2 weeks before christmas, so im really excited :)

that is all :)

random entry

hey guys. thought id put in a random entry as im canny bored right now. i have no idea who reads this stuff, but i dont care really, its just good to type :)

well ive been back to school for two days and im ready to murder my art teacher! telling me how to paint, im capable of painting a layer of green onto my work...

also, ive been getting closer to another of my mates, and shes exactly like me, but with all of the good qualities amplified and more thrown in :) i love her to bits! she is also a bi goth and we have loads in common, and im getting her into EBM/cyber/industrial music as she is into other music i like, so why not?

well thats all ive got for now. i know ive probably made typos and missed apostraphies but to be honest, i dont care :)


hey everyone, today ive done pretty much nowt. i did some ironing for my mam, tidied my room and did the dishes, but thats it. ive been sat on my laptop all day apart from that. ive been listening to a song called "pong" by a band called "eisenfunk" it is an amazing cyber tune and id highly reccomend it do any cybergoths or fans of cyber music. im also writing a story. i may post it up on my other account when it is finished. stay happy people, and mosh on ^_^

Happy new year

Happy New Year everyone! its that time where we all make resolutions and try to keep them for 365 days. well here are my resolutions for 2013:#
loose 1 stone
try kickboxing
help around the house
be a good big sister
show someone special how much they mean to me

i kept my resolutions last year, so i hope i can do it again this year. have a good day, and a fantastic year everybody! bye for now x


hi again, as my friend pointed out to meĀ  earlier i dont blog as much as i used to, i tend to focus more on my stories and experiences, but i do like blogging too, letting people know how i feel and stuff.most people will read my stuff and think "meh, typical teenage blogger", but if they took the time to look at my stories they may change their minds. anyway.
new years eve, and im thinking of my resolutions, so far i have two; get fit (as always) and show someone special just how much they mean to me. i hope everyone has a great new year and enjoys it. happy 2012 everyone x

hi again

hey readers, as the observant fans/friends may have noticed, ive changed my pic. i hope you like it :)

this blog entry is basically an update on my life. well, its ok at the moment, my art classes are cool, maths stinks, english is ok and french is awful (as usual). may be auditioning for the school production as i had to drop out last time, and im hopeing to get a main part this time.

it was my best friends birthday today, Happy Birthday to her! and its the 3 week anniversary of my grandma dianne passing awqay due to cancer and 2 weeks since her funeral, i really must visit.

well thats it for now. if you want anything specific, inbox me, comment, add me. ill update as soon as i can. bye xx

First blog

Hey this is my first blog entry. Of all the things to put, I'm going to put how my first day at my new school was.

I used to go to moorside, but then we became the academy. So I was made to move to Consett school. Today was my first propper day. I know two people in my GCSE art class (whom I both hate and they hate me), I was not permitted to do rugby in PE. Lunch was long. Science was ok, I get to sit by an ok friend of mine who I was close to, till I got him and his gf together...
Anyway. In geography I get to sit with my BFF and I'm happy about that. We get 20 lessons a week in total, each being 1 hour 15 mins with a break between each lesson. I get 9 lessons a week with my BFF so I'm happy-ish. :)

Thanks for reading xx

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